Ritchie Follows Up On Drumaroad Flooding Issues

South Down MP Margaret Ritchie (SDLP) has welcomed a commitment by NI Water to address flooding in the Chapel Lane area of Drumaroad.

dn_screenShe said: “Following representations to NI Water and TransportNI, I have been advised that work is due to begin shortly in order to address the significant flooding problems residents in Chapel Lane and the surrounding area have been facing.

“Drumaroad has been facing significant flooding, particularly over the recent winter period, and this is a welcome step from NI Water to address the issue. Chapel Road has faced out of sewer flooding which has caused extreme inconvenience and distress for local residents, and I am glad that action is finally being taken.

“Flooding remains a concern for many areas in South Down, and I will continue to make representations to the relevant authorities to resolve this crisis,” said Ms Ritchie.