Ritchie Calls For Resurfacing Of Teconnaught & Crawfordsburn Roads


South Down MP has urged Transport NI to consider resurfacing works for both the Teconnaught Road, Downpatrick and Crawfordstown Road, Drumaness.

Ms Ritchie said: “I am aware that the Teconnaught Road is in urgent need of resurfacing. I have been contacted by a number of residents who have complained that the poor condition of the Teconnaught Road, which frequently results in flooding. Potholes are also a major nuisance for motorists along this stretch and tyres and wheels are continuously being damaged as a result.

“I have made representations to Transport NI to urge that work to alleviate the poor condition of this road is undertaken as soon as possible. I am pleased to advise that as a result, inspections were recently carried out along the Teconnaught Road and a number of defects were picked up for repair. Repairs will now be carried out in accordance with Transport NI’s Road Maintenance Guidelines.

“There is a stretch of the Teconnaught Road between Taressh Lane and Sevaghan Road that is particularly uneven and would benefit from resurfacing. I understand this stretch is on Transport NI’s provisional programme for resurfacing.

“In addition, I understand the Crawfordstown Road in Drumaness urgently requires resurfacing works, again due to the ongoing problem of potholes. I would urge that Transport NI take heed of my constituent’s concerns and also add the Crawfordstown Road to its resurfacing programme.

“It is important that our roads are kept in an acceptable condition so that pedestrians and motorists feel safe when travelling”, added Ms Ritchie.