Quoile Anglers Ready For The Coming Season

Quoile Angling Club is now up and running

Quoile Angling Club is now up and running

The Inaugural Meeting of Quoile Angling Club was held in Murphy’s Bar in Downpatrick on Friday 18th March 2022.

All anglers were very welcome. With a growing interest in the Quoile river coarse angling scene, and with the Covid  pandemic coming to an end, local anglers around Downpatrick have come together to form a new coarse angling club for the area.

Their aim is to encourage involvement in the sport of angling particularly for coarse fish in the lower reaches of the River Quoile. Coarse fish are species such as rudd, roach, hybrids, bream, pike, eels etc as opposed to game fish such as trout and salmon.

Some of the Downpatrick anglers who spent a few hours gathering rubbish along the banks of the River Quoile in Downpatrick. (l-r ) Daryl Morrison, Stephen O’Hare, Eamonn McGrath, Trevor Love and David Moore.

Going forward they hope to run a few bank match competitions and eventually provide training for young anglers. One of their key concerns is the condition of the local Quoile environment and the state of the river and the fishery which extends roughly from below the Belfast Road bridge to Steamboat Quay.

Eamonn McGrath, the first elected Chiarman, said: “We wish to constructively engage with the different agencies to try and improve angling prospects and access for anglers and everyone, and we recognise that there is an improvement process already ongoing through the local council and agencies to gear up the Quoile area as a recreational and tourism asset.

The River Quoile just below the Belfast Road Bridge.

“The Quoile basin is a Nature Reserve area and there are a couple of designations applying to it at the moment, and the anglers wish to maintain the biological diversity and general appearance of the Quoile area as a local asset everyone can enjoy.”

A constitution was adopted at the meeting and a management committee elected. Downpatrick Councillor Oonagh Hanlon chaired the meeting and oversaw the election of the new committee.

The committee has agreed that fees for the year will be £30.

For membership inquiries, please message on the club Facebook page at:

Quoile Angling Club