Protect Against Skin Cancer Says Former Teacher

Prevent skin cancer and check early says former teacher

Prevent skin cancer and check early says former teacher

“I have always been very fit and active so it was a shock to learn that I had cancer.  I am definitely more cautious in the sun now and cover up to ensure I can continue to watch my 5-year old granddaughter grow up.”

These comments from former Teacher and Education Manager, George Blackwood who was diagnosed with skin cancer in July 2022.

George Blackwood says prevent skin cancer and keep an eye on moles.

Skin cancer was not something George had thought about over the years while he enjoyed playing outdoor sports and travelling with his family.
It was only through recent health awareness campaigns about skin cancer that George became aware of the dangers of the sun.

While on holiday in Spain with his wife in March 2022, George noticed that a mole on his right calf had enlarged and changed colour.
He was concerned with the changes so he sensibly booked an appointment with his GP to get his mole checked.
The GP referred George to the Dermatology Clinic in Bangor Community Hospital where a biopsy was taken and sent for analysis. The sample came back as malignant and George required surgery to ensure all of the cancerous cells were removed .

Thankfully the operation was successful and George is now cancer free. George said: “I was so relieved to learn that the surgery had removed the cancer completely. I am very grateful that it was caught at an early stage and that I received excellent care from the hospital staff who looked after me at all stages of this process.

“It is so important to use sun cream, long sleeves and a hat to cover up in the sun to help to prevent skin cancer.

“I still attend the hospital for my review appointments, but I am happy to say that everything is going well with my recovery and I am getting back to playing tennis, travelling and playing hide and seek with my beautiful granddaughter.”