Poots Says Dispose Of Waste In The Correct Way

Right waste in the right place is essential during Covid-19 crisis.

Put the right waste in the right place and ease the burden on our public health services, Environment Minister Edwin Poots has urged.

The call comes as the Minister recognised waste sector works as key, during the Covid-19 crisis.  

“During this pandemic we must do all we can not to intensify the burden on our public health services. By recycling correctly, putting your waste in the right bin and not dumping unwanted waste we can all play our part – it’s that simple,” said Minister Poots.

Environment Minister Edwin Poots has called on everyone to dispose of waste properly during the coronavirus crisis.

“These easy, sensible and practical steps will stop any additional risks to public health and support our waste sector workers who are already under increasing pressure,” he added.

The Minister has also recognised those in the waste industry as playing a vital role during the coronavirus outbreak. It includes those collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of our waste.

“Maintaining these critical services is a priority of the Executive. These men and women not only help protect our environment and public health but play a vital role in keeping the supply chain functioning,” Minister Poots continued.

“The materials they collect and process, such as cardboard, plastic and glass, are vital resources in package production across our food and retail sectors, so a drop in recycling can impact on the supply chain functioning effectively.

“For these reasons all those working in the waste sector are key workers. I have also established a Covid-19 Waste Group to provide support, guidance and regulatory direction to the waste sector. So please, do what you can to help by putting the right waste in the right place.”