Poots Closes Department Angling Waters

Anglers told to stay at home as fishing waters are closed.

Just when you thought that it was safe to go into the water… all DAERA angling waters are to be closed with immediate effect in the continuing fight against the spread of Covid-19, Fisheries Minister Edwin Poots MLA has announced.

“The message is clear to our anglers, many of whom are in the older age group, stay safe – stay home,” the Minister said.

Departmental waters are out of bounds for anglers says DAERA Minister Edwin Poots because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

“We know many of you would think nothing of travelling long distances to get to some of our best angling waters, but right now is not the time. The last thing we want is for you to catch this deadly virus,” he added. 

The move has been supported by NI Water with some of the angling sites on their land. Pedestrian access will still be possible to allow people to get their daily walk, cycle or jog.

Now anglers who thought they could self-isolate on the bank of a fishery surrounded by nature and fresh air will have to forgo the urges for a couple of months at least.