Poignant And Tasteless Musical Double Act To Play At Down Arts Centre

Down Arts Centre is pleased to present a very unique musical act comprising Garvin Crawford (Poignant) and Steve Amos (Tasteless) who will bring their brilliant blend of music, songs and comedy to Downpatrick at 8pm on Saturday 11 April.

[caption id="attachment_55818" align="alignleft" width="390"]Poignant and Tasteless... coming to Down Arts Centre Poignant and Tasteless… coming to Down Arts Centre[/caption]

At first hearing, you may wonder why two such apparently different singer/songwriters would consider appearing together, but there is a valid reason which goes beyond a mere desire for fame and the trappings that go with it.

Steve and Garvin share the same musical heroes – Tom Lehrer, Randy Newman, Flanders & Swan to name a few. And, like them, they deal with the great issues in life such as death, loss, disappointment, failure and rejection, all of which they are very familiar with – almost too familiar.

Garvin has been writing songs for over forty years and approaches life’s issues by exploring the human heart. Subtle and thought provoking, he cuts to the core of things with the skill of a surgeon and a wry humour. Words being his scalpels, he evokes the full range of human emotions and his melodies match the poetry of the lyrics, with influences from many musical genres.

Steve has been writing songs for about ten years but what he lacks in longevity is made up for in sheer volume. He deals with similar issues but from a somewhat different point of view. He will happily kick any subject when it is down and reticence is not a word to be found in his dictionary.

His lyrics seldom make any point that is subtle, his parodies are merciless and he will never use four chords if he can get away with three (or even two). If Garvin is the scalpel, revealing the complex layers of the human psyche, Steve is the club hammer, or indeed any blunt instrument.

Despite this apparent disparity in styles, the duo provide a great evening’s entertainment and like to think of themselves as high quality purveyors of unusual thoughts, questionable feelings and unseemly laughter. If you like to think, feel and laugh, an evening in their company will do the business. Recommended for age 16+

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