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O’Boyle Says Last Year Of Council Will Be An Exciting Year
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The Chair of the Recreation Committee in the last year of Down District Council, is to be Cllr Carmel O’Boyle.

Following the AGM on Monday evening (2 June) she said: “I will be Chair of the Recreation Committee for a second year, in large part because this committee has unfinished business, and I hope to ensure that we achieve as much as possible in this last year of the legacy council.dn_screen

“At the top of our list of course will be the successful delivery of The Irish Open golf tournament that will be coming to Newcastle in 2015. It will be my job to ensure that the golf clubs and the local retailers benefit as much as possible from this event. So, as the Chair of Recreation I will be meeting with representatives from all these groups in the coming months to see how my committee can work in partnership with them.

“The Recreation Committee secured £250k of extra funding last year to help local sports’ clubs and I am proud of what we achieved in just one year. I do not intend to let any new opportunities for the coming year pass us by.

“And of course, the ‘unfinished business’ refers to the provision of our new leisure centres in the Down District area.  We are still facing a test in Newcastle regarding the acquisition of our preferred site for the leisure centre but we will revisit  that challenge with  tenacity and determination.

“It might be our last year as Down District Council, but through my Recreation Committee, we will achieve great things for our constituents. It will be an exciting year ahead.”