NUS-USI Leader Encourages Students To Use Their Vote

NUS-USI President Fergal McFerran has encouraged students to vote in the general election on Thursday, saying if students don’t, they wouldn’t have the chance to shape the future they wish to see.

In early May, NUS-USI delivered thousands of leaflets and conducted a mass canvass around Northern Ireland to encourage students to register to vote in the general election.

NUS-USI President Fergal McFerran said: “It is essential that students make their voice heard on the issues they care about by voting in the general election taking place on Thursday.

“Our mass canvass in student communities across Northern Ireland in early May encouraged students to register to vote, and that engagement with thousands of students was a significant success.

“For quite some time many students and young people have rightly felt that their futures are being decided for them, without them. A general election we didn’t ask for in the middle of a Brexit we didn’t vote for; but this election presents an opportunity for our student body to raise their voice and to tell our politicians what kind of future they want to see realised.

On Thursday our student body has a crucial opportunity to shape the direct of travel of our politics as well as to reinforce the values and principles those politics are based on.

“I would encourage each and every person of voting age to make sure they have a plan to get out and vote on Thursday and would particularly urge our student body to grasp the opportunity to vote on Thursday with both hands.

“It is absolutely crucial that students make their voice heard on the issues that matter to them, and the best way to that is through voting in the general election,” said Fergal McFerran.