NIHE Says Ensure You Are Insured


Each year, families across Northern Ireland have had to face up to the reality of replacing carpets and furnishings after heavy rain or burst pipes caused flooding in their homes. Some did not have their possessions insured.

In the case of tenants of the Housing Executive or housing associations, the organisation will carry out repairs to the structure of the property. It is, however, a tenant’s responsibility to have insurance cover for personal property, furnishings and the decoration of their home.

Fire can be devastating. Are you insured in case of this eventuality?

With many competing pressures on the household budget house contents insurance may not seem a priority, however, as the new financial year starts the Housing Executive is urging everyone to ensure they have their possessions insured.

Owen McDonnell, the Housing Executive’s South Down Area Manager said: “We are encouraging tenants to ensure peace of mind by making sure they have contents insurance.

“Over the past few years, there have been many examples of extensive damage being caused by flooding, fire and severe cold spells resulting in burst pipes. While the Housing Executive is responsible for maintaining and repairing the property we are not responsible for the contents or décor. Insurance for personal property is a tenants’ responsibility.”

There are numerous contents insurance policies available and details can be obtained by contacting an insurance broker, searching online comparison websites or contacting Supporting Communities on 028 2564 5676 for more information.

Housing Executive local office staff are also on hand to provide tenants with information. They can be contacted on 03448 920 900 (text phone 18001 03448 920 900).