NIHE Launches Community Involvement Consultation

NIHE launch public consultation on draft Community Involvement and Cohesion Strategy 2024–2029

Northern Ireland Housing Executive has launched a public consultation on their draft Community Involvement and Cohesion Strategy 2024 – 2029.

The consultation gives our customers, members of the public, partners and stakeholders the opportunity to help shape services delivered by the Housing Executive to build strong, vibrant and inclusive communities.

Director of Housing Services, Jennifer Hawthorne explained: “A tremendous amount of work has been undertaken to create our draft Community Involvement and Cohesion Strategy.

“We have conducted research and carried out pre-consultation work with the Central Housing Forum and Housing Community Network, hard to reach groups and key stakeholders.

Naoimh McFall, NIHE Community Cohesion; Linda Watson, Chair of the Central Housing Forum with Jim McCall, Chair of NIHE Tenant and Customer Services Committee, welcome the launch of the public consultation on the draft Community Involvement and Cohesion Strategy 2024 – 2029.

“We believe this draft strategy will enable us to build on the success of our previous Community Involvement and Cohesion strategies.

“And it will enable and engage communities to interact and work together to co-design Housing Executive services and support a more cohesive society.”

The consultation will run over 12 weeks, with a number of regional engagement events planned to take place over the coming weeks.

Ms Hawthorne added: “What is really important to us now is that we hear the voice of our tenants, residents, customers, partners and stakeholders.

“We want to listen to their views and develop the strategy so that we have a strong framework to support and develop our communities up to 2029.

“Community involvement and tenant participation is at the heart of our services.

“I would encourage everyone to read the draft strategy and complete our online consultation survey at the HE website below.”

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