NICMA Provides Help With Childminding Choices

dn_screenWith the end of the summer holidays fast approaching and the new school term due to begin, many parents are starting to think about their childcare choices. Whether you need full-time care for your baby or toddler or a part-time place for your school age child, registered childminding could prove to be the ideal choice for you.

Registered childminding suits parents who want a high quality, affordable and flexible childcare option, and who value a childcarer who can give their child individual attention in a ‘home from home’ setting.

Many parents are unaware of the fact that anyone who looks after children for more than two hours a day for payment must register with their local health and social care trust. Registered childminders work with, and are supported by, the Social Services Early Years Teams.

[caption id="attachment_58286" align="alignleft" width="270"]NICMA provides support for parents who are looking for registered childminders. NICMA provides support for parents who are looking for registered childminders.[/caption]

Since the introduction of the Minimum Standards in July 2012, all registered childminders must have attended training in Health & Safety, Safeguarding & Child Protection and will also hold a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid certificate. They and their family members will have been fully vetted, they will have public liability insurance in place and will be inspected on an annual basis. All this goes a long way towards providing parents with peace of mind that their children are being cared for in a professional way by an experienced childcarer.

NICMA currently hold a database of 2,500 childminding members Northern Ireland wide to which we offer a range of services to support them in their childcare business.

As well as the many advantages of registered childminding for the children, NICMA’s Childminding Development Officer, Fiona Clendinning, said: “Many parents stand to gain financially if they use a registered provider.

“And many parents using a registered childminder are eligible for generous help with the cost of childcare through tax credits – that’s an advantage which those using unregistered childcarers aren’t entitled to. We would urge parents to use registered childminders who provide a professional service and who take a pride in what they do.”

For more information on finding and choosing a childminder, just call NICMA on 028 9181 1015 or visit the NICMA website at:

Alternatively you can contact your local Childminding Development Officer, Fiona Clendinning, on 07837734825 or by email at:

The Northern Ireland Childminding Association (NICMA) is a charity, and is the sole organisation representing childminders in Northern Ireland. 63% of registered childminders here are members.

Registered childminders currently care for 22,000+ children between the ages of 0 – 12 years in a family setting.