NI Finance Minister Acts To Support Business

Murphy acts to support suppliers and business impacted by Covid-19.

NI Finance Minister Conor Murphy today outlined steps taken to ensure Government Deartments pay their suppliers as quickly as possible to maintain cash flow and protect jobs.

Minister Murphy said: “Covid-19 is having a significant impact on businesses. As public procurement delivers approximately £2.7 billion, it is an important element of the economy and it is therefore vital we take immediate steps to protect suppliers and contractors during these challenging times.

“I have instructed all Government Departments to continue paying suppliers who provide goods and services for which demand has reduced or been paused temporarily due to Covid-19.

“This will ensure cash continues to flow through the supply chain and will help with the paying of salaries and protection of jobs. Importantly, it will mean suppliers struggling to meet their contractual obligations are able to resume service delivery when the outbreak is over.”

If there are cases where suppliers are found to be taking undue advantage or failing to act transparently or with integrity, Departments will take action to recover payments made and consider mandatory or discretionary exclusion from future government contracts.