Newry City Trumped By Portadown

Portadown take the points at Newry's Showgrounds

Portadown take the points at Newry’s Showgrounds

Danske Bank Premiership 2022/23.

At The Showgrounds, 4th December2022.

Match Report: Jim Masson/Down News.

Final Score: Newry 1 3 Portadown.

It was a match of two halves for Newry City as they faced Portadown at home. They appeared to have the upper hand most of the first half writes Jim Masson.

However, Newry City were put to the sword in the second half which was much more fractious with referee Jamie Robinson dishing out 6 penalty cards through the game.

Newry’s Donal Rocks was very busy in the opening moves and an early pass from Noel Healy created an opportunity but the shot was held by Portadown keeper Barr who had a good game.

Then James Teelan crossed to Daniel Hughes but the ball went too far and the opportunity was missed for a shot at the Portadown goal.

Noel Healy played his part for Newry City against Portadown. (Photos by Jim Masson / Down News).

Portadown were challenging from the start and keeper Steven Maquire made an excellent save for Newry as Jenkins fired on target.

But Newry pressed forward on ten minutes and Portadown’s Lee Upton received the first of the yellows for flooring Noel Healy flying up the left wing. The free kick saw Andrew Martin rise in the air and get his head to the ball but keeper Barr held the ball well.

Hughes and Teelan played up front for Newry keeping up the pressure.

Newry defender Healy was playing an active role in building attacks up the left wing on a number of occasions and a pass through to Lockhart on 21 minutes saw the ball just go over the top bar.

Then Hughes was unlucky after he launched a volley on target from inside the Portadown box but if deflected off a defender for a corner.

Again Healy put the ball through to Rocks in the face of the Portadown goal but before he could blink a defender was on him and quickly gained possession disrupting the goal opportunity.

Newry defender Ryan McGivern keeps possession as Portadown’s Jordan Jenkins moves in.

Newry seemed the keener of the two teams to open the scoring, but Portadown managed to increase the pressure and the game went up a gear in physical contact. Portadown’s Gregory Moorhouse received a yellow for a tackle on Rocks.

Lockhart managed to control a cross from Ryan McGivern and volleyed on target from outside the box but the shot was well held by keeper Barr.

There was four minutes extra time announced for the first half and the game was open. Portadown’s Joshua Archer headed at the Newry goal from a corner but a deflection went over the top bar which led to another two corners.

The first period ended with Reece Jordan firing over the Newry goal.

As the match progressed in the second half, Portadown looked much more energised and were taking the game to Newry and pressed forward.

Then in a scramble in the Newry goalmouth, Portadown’s Lee Upton found the ball at his feet and slotted it into the right hand corner rocking Newry.

Newry fought back quickly and it was all hands to the pump. Healy fired an excellent cross in to the Portadown goalmouth but Barr was having none of it and punched it out clear.

Portadown Reece Jordan in a tackle with Newry’s Donal Rocks.

There was an excellent move from Rocks who battled through the resolute Portadown defence and crossed to Lockhart within scoring distance but the pass was a touch too strong to control.

Although Newry were pressing for a spell there was one moment of danger when the ball trundled across the goalmouth and there were no Portadown feet to tap it in. Newry were living on the edge.

On 60 minutes Teelan volleyed and the ball came off the keeper to Healy who pounced on it and his shot was low but inched wide of the Portadown post.

The match had gone up a gear and Newry were looking for an equaliser. Newy put on Brian Healy for Dale Montgomery and Donal Scullion for Thomas Lockhart to freshen up the front end.

Just when Newry were gearing up for an assault on Portadown, the visitors attacked quickly and a long lob from Gregory Moorhouse put them two goals ahead on 67 minutes.

Again Newry refreshed with subs: John McGivern for Andrew Martin and Jamie Clarke for James Teelan.

Newry’s Brian Healy sent the ball down through the middle to John McGovern who made a tremendous low volley on target but Barr’s goalkeeping was sound and he managed to smother the ball.

Again Newry tested the stalwart Portadown keeper when Noel Healy passed to Rocks but keeper Barr again managed to save the volley.

Then just when the match could have magically turned for Newry, the home side received a coffin nail of a goal when Jordan Jenkins blasted the ball past Stephen Maquire in the Newry nets.

Newry managed to claim a consolation goal when John McGovern buried the ball into the middle of the Portadown net on 82 minutes.

Newry then went full on and attacked Portadown and there were shouts for a penalty when Rocks appeared to have been brought down in the box.

The final whistle was a merciful release for Newry. Ryan McGivern was red carded in the 82nd minuted and Newry had 2 yellow cards while Portadown had 3 yellow cards testifying to the hard physical contest the match had devolved into.

It was a tough second half which did not flow well, but Portadown took the points on the day.

Newry City AFC: Stephen Maquire, Darren King (C), Noel Healy, Ryan McGivern, Daniel Hughes, Thomas Lockhart, James Teelan, Andrew Martin, Stephen Moan, Donal Rocks, Dale Montgomery. Subs: Niall Brady, Emmanuel Omrore, John McGovern, Brian Healy, Favour Kwelele, Donal Scullion, Jamie Clarke.

Portadown FC:  Jethren Barr, Lee Upton, Alberto Balde Almanzar, Barney McKeown, Gregory Moorhouse, Patrick McNally (C),  Joshua Archer, Stephen Teggart, Reece Jordan, Jordan Jenkins, Gledis Cakaj. Subs: Ruadhan McKenna, Leo Donnellan, Jonah Mitchell, Jake Willis, Igor Rutkowski, Zach Cowan.