Newry Chamber Says Survey Paints A Bleak Picture

A survey of 250 businesses from a wide range of sectors was carried out between Newry Chamber, Belfast Chamber, Causeway Chamber and Derry Chamber between the 8th April and 11th April.

These are not easy figures to digest, but it is important to relay how this crisis is impacting businesses across Northern Ireland and highlight measures to help aid the recovery.

Commenting on the survey’s results, Colm Shannon, CEO ofย Newry Chamber of Commerce & Tradeย said: “Our survey found that many local businesses have a real fear for the future, for their own firms and the wider economy.

“Several respondents stated a desire to see the Government spell out when the lockdown might be lifted to allow businesses to better plan and for the economy to restart.

“Businesses also want to see the Government develop a ‘stimulus plan’ to attempt to prevent a likely recession from spiralling into a much deeper, longer term economic crisis.

“This is an immense challenge for our economy both now and in the time ahead. Just as business needs Government help to get through this in the short term, our economy will require serious help from the Government and the NI Executive to help us to rebuild.โ€

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