Newry Boy Needs Bone Marrow Donor Urgently

Newry boy with leukaemia seeks urgent bone marrow donation

Newry boy with leukaemia seeks urgent bone marrow donation

A 14-year old Newry boy is seriously ill with leukaemia in hospital and urgently needs a bone marrow donor. Could you be that donor that could help him back to a happy and active life he enjoyed before being struck down with this deadly disease.

On 1st June young Daniel Greer received the diagnosis that he had acute myeloid leukaemia. He has been looking forward to his summer holidays like any teenager of that age when this illness dealt him a serious blow.

Daniel Greer resting at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast after after receiving chemotherapy. He urgently requires a bone marrow donor.

Currently Daniel is in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children and has completed his first course of chemotherapy. This made him feel nauseated and raised his temperature, but he is now going through his second chemo, and is eating better. To date he has also had transfusions for blood and platelets.

How did I find out about Daniel’s dilemma? I was stopped in the street by a lady handing out leaflets whose daughter was also a member of the Cross Border Orchestra for Ireland that Daniel was a member off. She had a heart of gold and was out on the street fighting for Daniel! People are across County Down and far beyond are now reaching out trying to help Daniel find his bone marrow donor. It’s a very long shot, but one worth taking.

Incredibly, Daniel was a very active youth partaking in swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, walking his dog, and he was also an active musician playing in the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland.

Active teenager Daniel Greer (14) from Newry has been struck down by an aggressive form of leukaemia.

If you register as a donor it will only take a few minutes as you test yourself with a saliva swab and send it back to the lab for testing. You have to be between 16 and 55 years of age.

There is a one in ten million chance of finding a suitable donor. We must never give up! Daniel is now in urgent need of a stem cell transplant. But his family and friends and supporters will never give up looking for a donor for him.

Daniel Greer who is ever cheerful, has a simple message to all who are trying to help him: “Thank you.”

Out for a walk… Daniel with his dog Bella.

You can join a bone marrow register today by linking to:

#DoItForDaniel or #leukaemiawarriors

Link for DKMS registration:

Link for registering with Anthony Nolan :

Link for those living in the Republic of Ireland:…/can_i_join_the_bone_marrow…/

If you are between 17 and 55, take the saliva test! Daniel is now in urgent need.