Newcastle Police Hold Joint Vehicle Inspection Operation With DVA

Local police and the Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) Enforcement Officers held a joint operation in the Newcastle area at the weekend, focussing on road safety.

dn_screenA number of vehicles were stopped and checked by police and Enforcement Officers during the operation on Saturday night as part of efforts to help keep everyone safe on the roads.

Sergeant James McIlveen, from the local neighbourhood team, explained: “Road safety is vitally important and we want to ensure local drivers are aware of the law and what is expected. The responsibility is on motorists to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy and comply with current legislation and this was a good opportunity to highlight this.

“A number of vehicles were stopped and checked during the operation. Six vehicles were found to have faults ranging from defective tyres, lights, suspension and exhaust. Three files will be forwarded to the PPS and three prohibition notices were served.

“During the operation, we stopped one vehicle which was in poor condition with a pair of vice grips attached to a brake pipe. There was only brakes on three of the wheels. The vehicle was taken off the road immediately due to its condition and the potential risk to the safety of its driver, the passengers and other road users.

“The operation went really well and we will continue to work with our partner agencies to do everything in our power to make the roads safer for everyone.”