New Revised Framework To Improve Services For Respiratory Disease Sufferers Says Hamilton

A new revised respiratory framework that sets out the standards of care that patients, clients, carers and families can expect to receive has been launched by Health Minister Simon Hamilton.

The revised Framework, which came into effect from 1 July 2015, will build on its earlier success and continue to improve services for people who suffer from respiratory disease.

This revised Framework includes 56 standards, which relate to a number of specific conditions, as well as:

*  communication *  involvement dn_screen*  independent advocacy *  carers *  healthy eating *  physical activity *  smoking cessation *  alcohol * safeguarding; and *  palliative care.

The Minister said: “The Service Framework for Respiratory Health and Wellbeing was launched in November 2009, and set out standards in relation to the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and palliative care of individuals/communities who currently have, or are at greater risk of developing, respiratory disease.

“Respiratory disease refers to a wide range of illnesses that can affect the upper or lower respiratory tracts, either acutely or chronically.

“While it is clear that the Framework has been successful in improving the quality of care for the people of Northern Ireland in a number of areas, respiratory diseases continue to be one of the largest causes of ill health in Northern Ireland. The revised Framework has been updated to ensure it reflects the most recent evidence and guidelines.

“As Minister for Health I am determined to ensure that services are safe, improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities and, at the same time, make best the use of available resources.

“In addition, I believe it is important that services, as far as possible, meet the needs and preferences of people and are accessible to all regardless of where they live or who they are.”

The revised Service Framework for Respiratory Health and Wellbeing can be found a:

The Framework was originally launched in 2009, and upon reaching the end of its three year life cycle, has been subjected to a fundamental review conducted by the Regional Respiratory Forum. The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) has also appraised the implementation of the Framework.

Details of the 2009 Framework can be found at: