New DAERA Minister Says Animal Welfare Is A Top Priority

Stopping animal cruelty should be a priority for all says Muir

In his first visit following taking up post as DAERA Minister Andrew Muir said that animal welfare issues would be among his top priorities going forward.

The Minister was speaking during a visit yesterday (Tuesday) to the offices of the USPCA in Newry where he met with staff and volunteers during which a range of animal health issues were discussed.

DAERA Minister Andrew Muir pictured with USPCA CEO Nora Smith during his visit to the USPCA offices in Newry on Tuesday 6th February.

“I am delighted to visit USPCA in my first visit as minister as I want to be an advocate for animal welfare issues.

“It is something that I know that we can all agree on that improving animal welfare and stopping animal cruelty should be a priority for everyone,” Minister Muir said.

“Working with stakeholders and partners across this issue we can find a way to modernise and bring animal welfare legislation here into line with other jurisdictions.

“Through adopting a collaborative approach I am convinced we have an opportunity to make a real difference, and going forward I will continue to engage and listen carefully to help inform my decisions.”