Neighbourhood Police To Tackle Attacks on Firemen and ASB

FOLLOWING a number of recent attacks on members of the Fire Service and in response to increased anti-social behaviour at the bus station in Downpatrick, members of the Neighbourhood Policing team have been consulting with other agencies in an effort to reduce the incidents of attacks and incidents of anti-social behaviour. 

Officers from Downpatrick Neighbourhood Policing Team, along with representatives from the other agencies involved, will visit local schools in their Down District area on Thursday 25 October.  Students from St Mary’s, De La Salle and Blackwater High Schools will hear of the dangers of throwing fireworks, stones and other missiles at police, the Fire Service and Buses, and the subsequent consequences of this type of antisocial behaviour.

Beware of the dangers of fireworks this Halloween.

“I don’t think children are aware that this type of behaviour can cause severe injury and even death,” said Constable Veronica Bailie  of Neighbourhood Policing in Downpatrick.  “They are usually in a group and follow their peers not realising they could get a criminal record that could affect not only future job prospects, but hinder them in visiting other countries. For example, America and Australia do not allow anyone with a criminal record to enter their countries.

“We will be speaking to the children to make them think about their actions and also try to learn more about how they view such actions.”   I would also appeal to all parents to ensure they know where their children are, who they are with and what they are doing, particularly as we approach the Halloween holidays. 

“The event led by Downpatrick Neighbourhood Policing Team, will take place at the various schools throughout the day and is aimed at making young people aware of their actions. Police and representatives from Down District Council will also speak about firework safety and the consequences of anti-social behaviour.   

“The NIFRS will speak about the consequences of the attacks they have suffered, the dangers of playing with fire and bonfires.  Translink will discuss the issues of safety on buses and anti-social behaviour within their stations; while the NI Housing Executive will outline the effects of anti-social behaviour and what consequences are for their tenants,” explained Constable Bailie.