Murphy Pitches Opportunities For US Firms In The North

Minister pitches the North’s unique proposition to US business leaders in Washington

Economy Minister Conor Murphy addressed a reception of 130 business leaders in Washington, DC today, setting out the unique trading position offered by dual market access.

The reception was hosted by the US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Economic Affairs, Joe Kennedy III, and attended by senior business representatives, including some of those who accompanied the Envoy to Northern Ireland last October as part of a US trade delegation.

Speaking at the event the Minister said: “Over 260 US companies already invest in the North as a result of the skills of our people and our world class further and higher education colleges and institutions.

“Building on this proposition we now have unfettered access to both the British and EU markets for goods. No other place in the world offers this.”

Economy Minister Conor Murphy (right) pictured in Washington, DC with Invest Northern Ireland CEO Kieran Donoghue.

The Minister outlined how the Windsor Framework provides a truly unique advantage for manufacturing investors.

He said: “The Windsor Framework allows goods to move free from customs declarations, rules of origin certificates and non-tariff barriers to both Britain and the European Union.

“This opens up great potential to attract investment and grow trade on both a North-South and East-West basis.”

The event was one of the Minister’s final engagements following a week-long visit programme to New York and Washington, DC.

During the course of the week the Minister had the opportunity to set out his economic ambitions as Minister for the Economy, highlight the strengths of the region for investment, promote tourism opportunities and speak of the opportunities for North-South and East-West trade.

Reflecting on his first international visit as Minister, he said: “We’re home to more than 260 US-owned companies and the top international investment location for US cybersecurity firms.

“It has been very clear throughout this week that there is strong interest in the North among US investors.

“The US is one of our most important trading partners and our largest source of foreign direct investment.

“That is why it is has been an important week in my first international visit as Economy Minister.”