Multi-Cultural Play Resources for Communities

Thirty five community groups across Northern Ireland will be receiving extra toys, books and games through an initiative of the Housing Executive.

The NIHE Multi-Cultural resource pack.

Supporting International Day of Peace, the project focuses on the early years sector and aims to help build good race relations. 35 multi cultural resource packs are being distributed though the Housing Community Network.

Linda Hutchinson, Race Relations Officer in the Housing Executive explained: “We recognise that our communities are adapting to the changing diversity in Northern Ireland and we want to support them in a range of ways. Most people from abroad are living in the private rented sector but some of these properties are in Housing Executive areas so we work with our Housing Community Network to provide a welcoming environment for all.

“Even in areas where very few people from minority ethnic backgrounds currently live, the resources will provide a valuable addition to cultural understanding and can help build respect for all ways of life. These resources can give the message, even to very young children, that everyone is part of our community and that Northern Ireland is a culturally diverse society.”

The resource packs are being distributed by the Housing Community Network.