MP Discovers How Services Could Be Key To Addressing High Fracture Rates in NI

MP Discovers How Services Could Be Key To Addressing High Fracture Rates in NI back into healthcare.

The MP for the North Down Constituency visited Bangor Community Hospital Fracture Liaison Service to meet staff and patients and to find out how the service has been helping local people affected by the bone condition osteoporosis.

Lady Sylvia Hermon visits
Lady Sylvia Hermon visits Bangor Community Hospital 

She found out more about how the Fracture Liaison Service worked and how it aims to offer people over 50 a Bone Health assessment to prevent more broken bones in the future.
Recent research from the University of Southampton funded by the National Osteoporosis Society showed the risk of breaking a bone is 50 per cent higher in Northern Ireland than London.

Fracture Liaison Services like the one at Bangor are a proven and cost effective way of tackling the fractures caused by osteoporosis.

The National Osteoporosis Society is working with the NHS to develop more services in Northern Ireland and estimates that more than £10 million could be saved if health care providers in the region had fully resourced Fracture Liaison Services.

Lady Hermon said: “I was hugely impressed by the Fracture Liaison Service provided at Bangor Community Hospital, and especially by the expertise and dedication of all those involved in this new service.

“Although the detailed presentation by Dr McKane contained stark statistics about osteoporosis, it was very encouraging to hear that early intervention and
appropriate treatments could help hundreds of people to avoid broken bones. So, I was absolutely delighted to see the special scanner operating in Bangor Hospital, measuring the bone density of those most at risk of further fractures.

“This is undoubtedly a great facility to have locally. Clearly, it is one which any new Health Minister ought to visit to see how people can be spared the appalling trauma of broken hips, and also how money can be saved for the health budget.”

Dr Roland McKane, Consultant Rheumatologist in the Ulster Hospital, said: “Each broken bone has a huge impact on a patients’ life and Fracture Liaison Services are vital for preventing these fractures.

“All Health Trusts across NI are meeting with the Health Board at present in an attempt to develop a clear pathway so that everyone affected by osteoporosis gets the best possible care, and gets to see the right person at the right time.”

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