Movement On Dundrum Sewerage Works

NI Water Sewer Improvement Works Recommence – Main Street, Dundrum.

A spokesperson for NI Water said they are scheduled to recommence essential work on a programme of ongoing sewer improvement works on Main Street, Dundrum. This essential NI Water scheme represents an investment of approximately £4.2 million to upgrade the sewerage network in Dundrum Village to improve coastal water quality and increase capacity to meet future development needs.

“NI Water has been identified as an essential service provider in response to COVID-19 and the Government has officially designated our workforce as ‘key workers’ in a critical public service.

Road works in Dundrum as the sewage works improvement scheme begins.

“NI Water and various support teams have never been more essential to the health and wellbeing of our customers than now, and we would ask the public to be supportive of our workers during this difficult time.

“Work will recommence on Main Street, Dundrum on Tuesday 5th May 2020, and we anticipate this work will take 2 weeks to complete. The remaining works will involve approximately 40m of sewer laying works to complete the pipeline, and the associated reinstatement works on the road.

“NI Water and our contractor BSG Civil Engineering will liaise with any affected properties. We appreciate that this work is disruptive and would like to thank residents, businesses and road users for their continued patience as we complete these essential improvement works.

“We are all practising social distancing – our priority is to keep customers and colleagues safe. So please keep your distance and our workers will carry on with their essential work for you.

“Once all phases of the project are complete, this investment will significantly reduce the risk of out of sewer flooding and environmental pollution in this part of the sewerage network during periods of heavy rainfall.”

A few key points to remember:

*       If anyone needs to visit your home during this time, to keep you and us safe, please make NI Water staff aware if you are self-isolating. You will also be asked to respect social distancing for NI staff if they are on your property. 

*       Remember wipes will clog the sewers and result in blockages and flooding – never flush a wipe. For further information log on to

*       Beware of Bogus Callers – if you are concerned about the identity of someone at your door, you can call the PSNI non-emergency number ‘101’ where you will have the option of a ‘Quickcheck’ to confirm the caller is from the utility they say they are.

*       Do not let children go near work sites or equipment, this can be extremely dangerous.

For further advice log on to:  

Information on water supply issues affecting your property are also available 24/7 simply by logging onto: