McMurray Concerned At Annsborough Fire

Annsborough Pitches Changing Room Fire Causes Concern

Annsborough Pitches Changing Room Fire Causes Concern

Slieve Croob Councillor McMurray has condemned fires at Annsborough changing rooms.

He said: “I was contacted by a number of Annsborough residents concerned at the recent fire to the side of the changing rooms at the GAA playing fields.

“It seems that couches which had been pushed against the changing rooms were used to set off fireworks.

Cllr Andrew McMurray at the scene of the fire in Annsborough.

“This invariably set fire to the couches which have caused quite considerable damage to the changing rooms.

“As I understand it, the changing room to the side where the fire was has been badly damaged, with considerable damage being done to the referee’s room also.”

Cllr McMurray said: “While I thank the NIFRS for dealing with the fire before the rooms were completely destroyed, and also the agencies in removing the detritus from after the fire, those whose actions led to this must realise that they have done real damage to the infrastructure that many in our local community use.

“The PSNI are aware of the incident and I would ask that any further incidents are immediately reported to them to prevent any further damage.

“I have been in contact with members of the Finn GAC and will liaise with Council Officials to try and seek repairs to the changing rooms to ensure they remain in a useable condition.”