McKevitt Concerned at Residential Homes Closures

SOUTH Down  MLA Karen McKevitt (SDLP) has said the proposal announced by the Southern Health and Social Care Trust to close five nursing homes in the Southern Trust area is very distressing news for our elderly community and their family.dn_screen

Mrs McKevitt said: “This upsetting announcement has come on the back of yesterday’s news that the Northern Health Trust will close nine nursing homes.  The major changes to the care of our elderly is the implementation of recommendations made in the Compton report where it is suggested that elderly people should be cared for in their own home.

“While the idea of the Trust making provisions to enable elderly people to reside in their own home is one that carries merit, for those who already reside in a nursing home the idea is one that is very daunting and distressing.

“I am deeply concerned that the upset caused by relocation will severely impact on our most vulnerable people.  To create such upheavel in their lives is senseless.

“The proposal to close five nursing homes in the Southern Trust will go out for consultation and it is important that as many people as possible participate in the consultation process to make their views and concerns heard.”