McGrath Welcomes Works At Lecale Park In Downpatrick

Works Underway At Lecale Park in Downpatrick Welcomed by Colin McGrath MLA

South Down MLA Colin McGrath (SDLP) has welcomed the commencement of works at Lecale Park, saying that it will make a significant difference to local residents.

Commenting, the South Down MLA has said: “Some time ago I met with local residents and DFI Roads officials at Lecale Park to discuss issues that they were facing. 

“They were confused as to the level of water which was running down the road and flooding gardens in the development. 

South Down MLA Colin McGrath pictured at Lecale Park in Downpatrick has welcomed work to remove flooding.

“Following investigation it became apparent that there were two reasons why this was taking place.

“Firstly, there was a build up of debris and overgrowth along the kerbside at the top of Lecale Park.

“And secondly, and there was a need for additional gullies to be created here given how the area has developed and grown in recent years.”

Colin McGrath added that DFI Roads gave a commitment to see these works completed and said: ” This alone gave residents some comfort that the localised flooding would not be repeated. 

“However, it is terrific to be able to say that these works have now commenced, particularly to install new gullies.  Initially DFI had hoped to get the works done by the end of March but they have actually commenced them almost two months ahead of schedule.

“I want to express my thanks to DFI Roads for their work in listening to residents and recognising the need to see works completed here, but more so I am grateful to them for seeing these works commenced in such a timely fashion. 

“I have no doubt this will make a tremendous difference for local residents in the years to come.”