McGrath Meets With NIE At Saul Street Site

South Down MLA Colin McGrath (SDLP) met with Northern Ireland Electricity Officials recently regarding the state of the electricity substation on Saul Street.

Colin McGrath has met with NIE officials over the Saul Street sub station issue.

Mr Grath said: “I met with NIE officials to discuss the Anti-Social Behaviour and litter problems at the site of this substation.

“For a number of years the substation, and the field to the rear, have been a consistent location for anti-social behaviour due to its secluded nature. I have asked NIE to further secure the area by replacing the gate at the site to ensure the pathway between the substation and the adjoining field is blocked.

“Local people , many of whom are elderly, deserve to live in peace and free from such annoyance.

“I also spoke to the officials about fly tipping  which regularly occurs at this site. I have asked that a railing be installed along the front of the site to ensure that dumping is prohibited”.