Mayobridge Group Host Farm Safety Workshop

Over 25 local farmers attended a workshop organised by Mayobridge Development Group which offered practical awareness covering the everyday hazards faced by the farming industry. 

Agriculture is a cornerstone of the Irish economy and the fatality rate in agriculture is far higher than any other economic sector.  

 SDLP Crotlieve Councillor Gillian Fitzpatrick said:  “In 2016/17 workplace fatalities were up 33% to 16 compared to 12 in the previous year.  Sadly, farming remains Northern Ireland’s most dangerous industry with another six families devastated in 2016/17. Whilst this is the same figure as 2015/16, I am afraid that six farming families have already suffered similar heartache to date in 2017/18.

Cllr Gillian Fitzpatrick, front right, with some of the local farmers who attended the farm safety meeting in Mayobridge. 

“Unfortunately research indicates that, in general, farmers’ attitudes to safety only change after serious injury occurs. Indeed on the day of the workshop a farmer in Tipperary had died in an accident on a farm, It is understood he was loading bales of hay prior to the accident.”

The workshop offered a mix of real life stories, up-to-date information and a practical understanding of on farm risks, and how to identify them and how to manage them.  The training covers the four main dangers associated with working on a farm, Slurry (S) Animals (A) Falls (F) and Equipment (E).

Cllr Fitzpatrick added: “These risks can be largely dealt with by raising awareness, making small improvements and realistically adopting safer practices. Everyone involved in farming should be either made aware or know of the risks and know how to keep themselves and others safe.” 

Workshops also introduced farmers to the new construction requirements and raised awareness of the ‘Making it Safer’ tool. 

 There is another Workshop taking place in Hilltown on 14 March.

To register for one of the scheduled workshops please visit: 

or alternatively contact the RDC on 028 8676 6980 for more information.