Mason Calls For EA To Examine School Transport Costs

Mason calls for action on costs of transport for schools

South Down Sinn Féin MLA Cathy Mason has said the rising costs of transport for schools means children will miss out on important activities.

She said: “Principals have been in contact with me in recent days raising their concern at the hikes in bus hire costs.

South Down MLA Cathy Mason is concerned at the rising cost of school bus runs and has raised issues with the EA.

“To make matters worse there has been a breakdown in communication and the increasing costs in many cases could not have been taken into account when schools were setting their budgets.

“Schools are being forced to pull the plug on certain services and children are missing out on important activities such as swimming because it is now totally unaffordable.

“I challenged the Education Authority today on this and will be following up in the days ahead to get an explanation and to try seek a resolution for our schools.”