Mark McMullan Performs In BGT Final

Mark Nails It On Britain’s Got Talent.

Crossgar singer Mark McMullan gave a tremendous performance on stage in the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

An architect by profession, Mark said speaking to the four judges in the final: “This was another phenomenal opportunity for everybody who has been behind me. It is what I want to do and what I want to be. If I didn’t try to achieve this now I’d always regret it. I’d love to be in the West End. There’s no point in pursuing a career like this unless you have someone to share it with.”

Mark McMullan singing in Britains Got Talent.

Mark was referring to his brother Declan and family and his army of supporters who has inspired him to the final. Declan suffered from a condition called Locked In Syndrome when he was a teenager and has required intensive 24/7 care since then.

Mark McMullan singing ‘You Will Be Found’ in the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent.

The four judges were blown away by Mark’s performance and he received a standing ovation after he sang his final piece, which set the bar for anyone challenging for the top spot. However, the phone-in for the voting system can be unpredictable, but based on the audience reaction and comments from the judges, Mark was running as favourite in poll position.

Judge Simon Cowell gets the message who to vote for.

The Judges said before the voting:

David Walliams – “There is something very special about you. You really meant those words and we believed them all… every word of it.”

Amanda Holden – “This song was a fantastic choice… and a great performance. You did it at the right time.”

Alesha Dixon – “I’ve never seen you look so confident on stage. You entertained everybody.”

Simon Cowell – “This was probably your best performance so far.”

In the audience on the front row were Mark’s brother Declan and his mum and dad. It was an emotional roller coaster as Mark once again delivered an outstanding performance worthy of a winner.

Mark came into the public eye after a video recorded in the Villager pub in Crossgar attracted thousands of hits overnight when Mark sang a song from Les Miserables ‘Bring Him Home’ to his brother Declan.

‘Bring him home’: the song from Les Miserables that launched Mark into the public spotlight.

After a tense moment as the final results were called out by show presenters Ant and Dec, Mark gritted his teeth and kept his composure in front of millions watching the show all over the country. However, he was one of the early ones eliminated. It was never-the-less an unbelievable performance by a local lad from Crossgar and he has done County Down and his family and home town very proud.

Mark was competing against difficult numbers. Coming from a rural area in County Down, he did well to compete with contestants from large cities in England and from abroad.

The winner of BGT was Colin Thackery, a Chelsea pensioner and World War II veteran who will now be singing in front of Her Majesty the Queen at a Command performance. This Chelsea pensioner said it was his life’s ambition to sing to to the royals. His dream is now about to happen.

Congratulations to Colin Thackery who won Britain’s Got Talent.

And probably tomorrow, Mark’s phone will start ringing from producers from the West End and beyond, and he will hopefully start to live the dream he has always aspired to.

And well done Mark ! Onwards and upwards !