Make Annsborough Road Safer Calls O’Neill

DOWN District Councillor Eamonn ONeill has called on both the SEELB, who are responsible for the wall around Ardnabannon, and the Roads Service to come together and improve the sight lines for residents of Barn Row and New Meadow Row Annsborough.

He said: “The Ardnabannon wall at the corner of Barn Row and the main Clough Road has been recently severely damaged and the stones are loose and falling onto the roadway.

“This is a hazard and needs to be made safe but it also represents an opportunity for both agencies to at long last do something about the serious danger for residents exiting from both Barn Row and the New Meadow Row.

“It would be beyond belief” the SDLP councillor added, “for these two agencies to agree to just patch the wall up again and leave local people to have to put themselves at risk on a daily basis. So I am appealing strongly  to both agencies – let’s have some joined up action and leave these entrances safe.”

Councillor Eamon O’Neill examines the damaged wall at Annsborough next to the main road.