Maghera Road Safety Concerns To Be Addressed

NEWCASTLE  area Councillor Willie Clarke (Sinn Féin) has called for a meeting with DRD Roads service to address safety concerns at the Carnacaville road and Dundrinne road, crossroads in Maghera.

According to Councillor Clarke, he said it will “only be a matter of time” before there is a fatality or someone is seriously injured at this junction, unless concerns around safety are addressed.dn_screen

Speaking following discussions with local residents, Councillor Clarke said: “This is a very fast stretch road, with a heavy amount of traffic. There has previously been  a number of near misses at the cross roads in the past, and I am calling on DRD Roads Service to consider ways of improving safety at this junction.

“Grass and hedge cutting would improve visibility at the junction, and this should happen immediately. Various traffic calming measures should be considered, including signage and road markings. I have requested DRD Roads Service to meet with me on site to discuss my concerns, and find a solution to this very dangerous junction.

“School children going to Carnacaville school are particularly vulnerable at this junction, so I hope something can be done to address these concerns before the new school year,”  added Councillor Willie Clarke.