Lyons Provides Consumer Info For Energy Advice

Lyons launches energy information resource to help consumers this winter

Lyons launches energy information resource to help consumers this winter

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons today launched a series of consumer information videos that provide energy advice and support to help households this winter. 

The consumer information videos are part of an energy information campaign involving the Department for the Economy, the Consumer Council and the Utility Regulator.

They outline practical actions householders can take to help alleviate the impact of energy price rises.

The consumer information videos can be found at:

Speaking at the Consumer Council Offices, Economy Minister Gordon Lyons said:  “Households are currently facing unprecedented energy costs, coupled with rising food and fuel bills as inflation hits record levels. 

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons.

“Rising energy costs will impact household budgets this winter when our energy use naturally increases.

“Households will receive the £400 energy payment from the UK Government to help with price rises but there are also measures people can take to help control their energy use.

This series of consumer information videos are aimed at providing helpful advice during this difficult time.”

Consumer Council Chief Executive, Noyona Chundur, highlighted the work the organisation is doing to empower and protect consumers: “The videos released today are an important reminder that there are small things we can do at home to make the money we spend on energy go further.

“In addition, the Consumer Council continues to work hard to help consumers. Through our front-line services, we provide support, advice, and complaint handling services.

“Through our outreach work, we meet and work with consumers across Northern Ireland ensuring they have the information they need to make informed decisions about their energy use.

“We are pleased that our online price comparison tools which help consumers compare electricity and gas prices, see average oil, petrol and diesel prices, have been used over 361,000 times over the past two years.

“We will continue to work with energy companies to encourage continuous improvement in their customer service standards and support for consumers in vulnerable situations.”

Utility Regulator Chief Executive, John French said: “Due to the unprecedented rises in international wholesale energy costs, consumers in Northern Ireland need all the help they can get this winter.

“The consumer information videos provide consumers with practical help on how they can reduce their energy bill.

“We are also working with energy suppliers to ensure they are doing all they can to support their customers this winter. 

“For those consumers who are worried about their energy costs, we would always encourage them to contact their energy supplier.

“All energy suppliers must take account of an individual’s circumstances and discuss the support options available to them.”

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills you can access advice from: