Libyan 'Friend' On Facebook Warns Of Bigger Crisis

BELOW is the harrowing account of one of the Friends of Jim Masson /Down News Facebook. He is a parent who lives in Tripoli in Libya. I have only slighly altered his spellings but what you read is what he has said. It is a raw document in both senses. The terrible existence of the people under the Gaddafi regime are suffering and there is no doubt that what Gaddafi is perpetuating is plain and simple… WAR CRIMES. He is butchering his own people. What the political or military solutions are I do not know, but the world need to unite through the UN on this matter… now. Without hope, a nation perishes, and we must give hope to the Libyan people. This is a tragedy that has to be addressed not just by the west but the whole civilised world. We must set a bench mark which we should act on when such humanitarian chaos emerges. Standing by watching voyeuristically is unethical. ON the bloodstained streets of Triploi, a city 0f 1.5 million inhabitants, there is fear. Deep fear. The writer, ‘Naser’, had a best friend shot through the head by a sniper. Now three little girls do not have a father. The streets of Tripoli are blood-soaked.  It is one of the great tragedies of our age, and a measure of how primitive we are as a global society that we cannot police such outbreaks of violence. The lenthy piece below descibes the suffering, hardship, death, starvation, misery, loss of hope, poverty, alienation, isolation and enormous pathos of a people assaulted by a malign despot. There are those too who may question the motives of some countries for involvement or lack of involvement. But the fact remains. People are dying needlessly. Something must be done. Please ask your friends to read this. It is direct and very personal. …………………………………………………………………………………………….. Dear Jim, More to tell you about what is this guy called Gaddafi doing to his people. In Tripoli children started to suffer from baby food supplies. No matter what î write you, can’t tell you enough! Everything from what I wrote tears dropping from my eyes. just too painful and I just can’t describe everything to you and how we are feeling everyday in kind of danger. [caption id="attachment_22959" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Running low on fuel. A queue at a petrol station in Tripoli."][/caption] I assume you understand what I mean? No one can be sure be back home when  you go shopping, that  is if you find something  to buy. The children  will start crying till the father gets home. They fear the absence of their father well he’s trying to get food for them. No fresh vegetable nor fruit. Not even fresh bread very long coue with minum 3 hours waiting. Takes you full day to get fresh bread and another full day to get fuel. People aren’t interested going to work because salaries not paid. Children are not interest going to school because they are scard to be away from  their persons. People  are only asking for their freedom to leave like any other People. We have the right to express for ourselves with our priceless freedom.  no one can understand why he is killing his People? Children, women and older People are killed for no reason? Why all of this lost lives? How can he face god? What kind of punishment god has got for him? That’s if God will except him.   oh dear Jim, what more can be told? I’m so pleased that I get to know you. I told my friends about you, they really thank you for  helping us deliver our voices out to the world. We feel in prison with endless high walls. We called for help but the windows are sound-proofed…… More to tell you about what is this guy called Gaddafi doing to his people. In Tripoli children started to safer from baby food supplies… Regards,  Painful people from Libya,  “Naser”. Today 21st April. I thank you for following up still with the situation in Libya. These days the cell phones are much better now. Friends and families can contact with each others. But of course you have to watch out all lines are controlled. You can’t feel free talking. Nothing to buy for many reasons, all prices went up and if there is something to buy this is no money. So the problem in a way is there. Medical supplies are also big issue in Tripoli. If you get flu can’t get any medical treatment for it. So we went back like the old days. So imagine with me people got cancer, diabetic or even heart problem what can they do? Where shall they go? TV is not a problem for us because every single house in Libya got satellites channels so we can watch the worlds and what is going on. Except our state TV which brain washing the Libyan people and full of lies. But of course no one does believe is because we know what is going on. Internet is down in the whole country. Except at hotels where there are the news reporters in Tripoli. Many people are using satellite phones for internet and to call their families abroad more freely. Facebook and Twitter also YouTube is used a lot in Libya. But as you know internet is down and it´s very hard nowadays. Gadaffi shelling his own people since long time, but the west doesn’t recognize it. How he managed to do all the crimes? He forces people to do these things otherwise families could be killed. What is new about that? That’s how he managed to rule the country for 42 years. Killing his own people is like playing war games in play station. Gadaffi won’t stop killing, on the state TV they are telling us we are not killing, but we are saving lives from the rebels. Who are the rebels? This questions everyone who should know the answer of it. The rebels are civilian people like me and you, who are fighting for there freedom from this maniac guy. The world shouldn’t be shocked because everyone knows Gaddafi with his crimes. So how can he be facing war crimes? What more crimes you need? Or what does crimes means to you. Or we might don’t understand the meaning of crimes means? Part of the west doesn’t know how to take acting and we might miss understanding each other in some way. As we are two different cultures. A man who is killing his own people, using what ever weapons as long people are killed, Can’t be stopped internationally by any country or anyone. So what is the use of UN or EU or Human Right Watch? Why and what are they made for? This is a question someone might ask. I am not talking about just in Libya I mean in General. Is that how it feels to be in power? Is that how it feels when people are killed by their own leader? Is that how it feels when others are watching and can’t do anything mean while they pretend to do something. I have a massage for the west. I tell them just sit tight and enjoy the show more crimes will happen and humanitarian disaster will explode in Libya. Because Gaddafi WON´T STOP killing and eventually won’t be caught. He is aware of  this very well. Gaddafi is well protected by his mercenaries as I mentioned to you in my previews emails highly paid. Doesn’t trust his own people any more. I hope I managed to answer your outstanding questions. Feel free when you like to ask more…. What to think, that´s how he managed to last 42 years. We even have seen worse from him. He doesn´t care about his people at all. he only cares about himself. This is almost undescribable  in the past 2 months what he has done in Tripoli. People  are so scared to go out. No food or medical supplies or fuel. life is so hard to tell you about. young people are missing and a lot who are killed. Tripoli is in Danger. Blood all over the streets. OH GOD help us and bless us from this guy. Terrible to see Gaddafi using cluster bombs on the people of LIbya. Is he now clutching at straws to hold on to power? Not internationally acceptible. I want people to know what is going on here in Tripoli I managed to talk on BBC and CNN and willing to do more so people can know what is happening in Tripoli… JIM, there is no feeling of life, no schools no money nothing to buy shops are closed because nothing to sale. I would love to tell you more and more how badly Tripoli is. A lot of people and the media don´t know what is really going on in Tripoli. On the Feb 20th evening the protesting took place in several places in Tripoli, like GERGA. We were walking peacefully down the street calling for change. Kaddafi loyal people were breaking and burning things around the Green Square. We thought that they were with us, but we agreed not to do any kind of damage to avoid any problems with police, we tried to stop them from what they were doing. No one understood what was really going on. Till the Kaddafi people arrived and started to shoot all over the place at the Green Square. Those people which were braking and burning things we realized that they were Kaddafi loyal people. They were armed with light guns and also they were shooting at us. It was a trick they used among us so they can tell the media that look what the protesters are doing. That night more than 160 people were killed at the Green Square and hundreds were wounded. We started to run for our lives and we couldn’t go back and help the wounded people that were shot by machine guns and 6mm guns, so we won’t get shot at. But we managed to save some lives. We took several wounded protesters to one of the local hospital. After a while we went back to the Green Square to check on others which were shot and to see who was killed. While we were running, we heard that people were killed. We discovered that no one was there and everyone was taken away. [caption id="attachment_22961" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Jamel Said Fatis who was killed by a sniper... best friend of the writer from Tripoli."][/caption] We returned to the central Hospital to check if our friends and on the others and to see how were the wounded people are doing. We discovered that they were taken away by Kaddafi forces. One of the Doctors told us not to come here and bring wounded people or any dead body’s because they will be taking away and won’t get any medical treatment. So from that day on no wounded people can get any medical treatment at ant local hospitals only at private homes. As you know privates homes any not well equipped, Just few doctors trying to help and save lives. The freedom fighters are not armed in Tripoli at all. Mean while Kaddafi’s troops are mercenaries from CHAD, NAIGER, MALI, ALGIRAINS, BANGLADISH, BELARUSSIA, CRAIOTAI, and SLOVAKAN. They are highly paid to kill his people. Salaries are from 3000 US to 10000 US for the Black African. For Eastern Europe goes up to 20000 Euros Gaddafi is using any kind of weapons he even has chemical weapons and could use it against his people. He doesn’t care what takes to get finish even as long he remains in power, Him and his family. He is using Cluster bombs on civilians, Rockets & Missiles and I once heard that he even uses Mk 82 bombs; I never heard of this but that what I was told. Just would like to add one more thing, which one of my best friends his name is JAMEL SAID FATIS was the father of three wonderful girls was shot in the head by one of the snipers just few days later after the protesting stated, That I couldn’t do anything to help him. That’s what I can tell you for now, I’ll try to write you more other things. And get you some pictures. “Naser”. ]]>