Lackan Cottage Farm In Mournes Is Shining Example Of Environmental Sustainability

Northern Ireland Community Energy (NICE) Directors Anne Ford and Karen Arbuckle  have journeyed to Ballyroney, Co. Down, for the purpose of making Steve Golemboski-Byrne’s acquaintance.

Steve has been the ‘man behind the scenes’ who developed the NICE web presence and has been a great supporter of NICE from day one. NICE wanted to say a big thanks to Steve and during the visit and learnt so much about Lackan Cottage Farm.

[caption id="attachment_55841" align="alignleft" width="390"]Nice Director, Anne Ford; Claire, Lyra & Steve Golemboski-Byrne, Lackan Cottage Farm; Karen Arbuckle, NICE Director. Nice Directors, Anne Ford and Karen Arbuckle  with  Claire, Lyra and Steve Golemboski-Byrne at Lackan Cottage Farm.[/caption]

Lackan Cottage Farm is a permaculture smallholding which enjoys a spectacular situation and beautiful vista of the Mourne Mountains. It is obvious why Steve and Claire fell in love with this property over three years ago now and decided to make it their home. Their smallholding features natural building, eco-renovation, renewable energies, permaculture gardens, forest gardens, regenerated and newly planted native coppice woodlands, waste water treatment systems, rainwater harvesting, small livestock & horses. A practical, lived-in permaculture demonstration site.

Steve said: “Reusing, recycling and reducing our ecological footprint means coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems. We have a constantly evolving design and our skills are ever developing with it as we implement and experience different techniques and ideas in organic food production, sustainable living and self-sufficiency”.

Claire added: “We are establishing a way of life that embraces a high degree of self-sufficiency in energy, food, water and waste that allows us to live first and work second. Integral to our enterprise is the help and assistance we get from local and international volunteers. Without their input, managing many aspects of our smallholding would be challenging to say the least.

“Sharing our experiences with others is important to us, and as well as offering practical courses, we welcome volunteers from all over the world to help with everything from horticulture to green building”

Further information and details about their small holding and enterprise can be found on their website

Anne Fiord said: “Some might think their lifestyle is not an easy one nor for the faint hearted given the inclement Northern Ireland weather experiences and physical demands of working the land.  Nevertheless, this family find their lifestyle gratifyingly rewarding, and a healthy and natural living they believe will leave the earth in a better state than when they arrived.

“Thank you Steve for the help with NICE but also for this great visit to your Lackan Cottage Farm!”

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