Killyleagh Mental Health Nurse James Savage In Top Awards

James Savage thanks those who have helped him get into the top 10 in the UK nursing awards

James Savage thanks those who have helped him get into the top 10 in the UK nursing awards

Speaking after receiving news that he was shortlisted into the top ten student nurses in the UK for a top award, James Savage from Killyleagh praised those who had helped him on his professional journey.

James said: “I was honoured this week to be nationally recognised at the Student Nursing Times Awards in London as one of the 10 finalist from across the UK for Student Mental Health Nurse of the Year. 

“I was so pleased to see other projects I’ve played a major role in be shortlisted as well and my own Liverpool John Moore’s University won the Best Nursing Course category in the UK. 

Mental Health nurse James Savage from Killyleagh has been nominated as one of the top ten student nurses in the UK.

“I am honoured to be recognised but as I have said on many occasions this accomplishment is not just mine. I have had so much help over the years from a number of people.

Beginning with Blackwater Integrated College and Down High School, the continued support I have received from them and the opportunity to speak to their students who has left me re-assured and encouraged that we will have many talented nursing students in the future. 

“Ringdufferin Nursing Home is where I started my journey in healthcare and they continue to support me to this day. 

“I worked with an extraordinary team before and during the worst of the pandemic and the caring nature, patient centred approach and willingness to work together to improve, gave me the high standards and quality driven approach that has improved all my work since. 

James Savage set an early example of the importance of vaccination against Covid-19.

“Of course I also have to thank local people, my family, friends and the community in my home Killyleagh. I am always overwhelmed by the way the we in Northern Ireland support each other but the way people in Killyleagh take time to stop and speak to me and congratulate me and have mentioned my work at events etc is more than could ever be expected… particularly as I’m a student nurse in England not here.”

“I am so very grateful to know I have that supportive community at home, James added, saying: “The last thing I would say about receiving this award is that it proves you don’t need to be academically gifted to go far in your field. 

“I am a neurodiverse student, I have dyslexia, dyspraxia and I’m probably average in terms of book smarts, but I’m good at what I do, and I want our students and young people to know they should never limit themselves even if they have a disability.

“It’s been said that the win or fail, the credit belongs to the man in the arena not those who criticise people who do what they themselves are too scared to attempt. 

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right… so believe in yourself and dare to achieve greatly because even if you fail you will be one step closer to great achievement.”

Cllr Billy Walker.

Tribute From Cllr Billy Walker

Rowallene Newry Mourne and Down District Council councillor Billy Walker has paid tribute to James Savage for getting into the last ten top mental health students in the UK awards

Cllr Walker said: “As an elected representative I have watched James as a young man come on leaps and bounds, from his days at Blackwater Integrated College to taking A-Levels at the Down High School and progressing to study mental health nursing.

“He has overcome his own learning disabilities on this journey and he has to be commended for this.

“James is a role model for other young people. He had an interest in politics and and stood in the last council election whilst studying mental health nursing at university in Liverpool. He is a very impressive young man and is much respected in the Killyleagh area. I wish him well in his journey in life.”