Kilclief GAC Put On Show Of Strength Against Dundrum

Corn na nGael Group 2. Kilclief GAC v Dundrum GAC. Final Score: 0-17 0-7.

Corn na nGael Group 2.

Kilclief GAC v Dundrum GAC.

Final Score: 0-17 0-7.

Kilclief got off to a sharp start and pulled forward with six points into the lead with a very solid forward line quickly punching through the Dundrum defence writes Jim Masson.

In the first minute Savage fired wide for Kilclief showing their intent. Callum Shields collected a point from a free to open the scoring. Dundrum did make a quick reply but the Kilclief tight defence constantly kept the visitors at bay for most of the game.

Action in the match between Kilclief and Dundrum.

Just on eight minutes, Louis McMiullan tore through the centre and delivered an excellent point for Kilclief. A minute later Savage passed to McFall who chalked up another point.

Then minutes later Eoin King made a great solo run into the Dundrum defence and claimed a point for his gutsy efforts.

And it was McFall again who took an excellent point in play from 30 yards. This was a fast-paced game on a hard pitch and both sides were giving their all. But it was Kilclief who had the advantage with steady passing and maintaining control of the midfield more to build up attacks.

KIlclief’s Louis McMullan bursts through the Dundrum defence.

Dundrum did get a couple of breaks into the Kilclief half and O’Bron went wide on one occasion. Gradually play got a bit more physical and forward Oisin McFhinbin picked up a yellow card.

A powerful attack by Burns to Eoin McMullan to McFall saw another point in the bag for Kilclief, and Dundrum replied with their first point from Kyle Mag Lámhin.

Michael Mag Reachtain in possession for Dundrum is challenge by Kilclief’s Aidan McCann.

But the pressure from Kilclief was relentless and after the first waterbreak McFall claimed another point. But there were signs that Dundrum was coming to life and started to press into the Kilclief half looking for points. One good play saw Mag Lámhin pass to Reachtainn who was just wide shooting at a very sharp angle almost on the line.

But Dundrum received a reward for their efforts when Lámhin pressed forward with an attack at the Kilclief posts and took a point in play, and this was followed quickly by another point as he unleashed an excellent free from 45 yards.

As Dundrum tried to press the Kilclief defence, tempers started to get short on both sides and eventually referee Mickey Curran dished out a black card to O’Bron for a rough tackle on Kilclief midfielder Tiernan Burns. But Dundrum took the next point from a free showing they had more under their belts.

Ruairi Sharvin turned the tables again for KIlclief with a charge into the Dundrum half and took a point from 20 yards.

Dundrum were getting into striking positions but to little avail with several wides. Lámhin hooked one kick wide when it was crucial to convert chances. But as Dundrum kept up the pressure, Lámhin eventually claimed his point showing that Dundrum were not lying down despite being 6 points in arrears.

The second half started quickly with a charge by Kilclief and Nathan Kelly was almost in a goal scoring position, then minute later he send the ball over the Dundrum posts for a point.

Fion McFall holds on to possession as Dundrum’s James Shields and Tiernan Burns have other ideas.

But Kilclief found a new energy and continued the fast pace. Kelly again took a point in play to widen the gap from a scramble on front of the Dundrum goal. And after a couple more attacks Kilclief forward Caelin Savage took another useful point.

Louis McMullan, Nathan Kelly and Callum Shields then took a point each as Dundrum lagged behind. The gap widened again as Louis McMullan chipped over for a point.

But Dundrum fought back again and Reachtain took a point but collided with Kilclief defender Thomas Fitzsimons and both required treatment from the bench.

When play resumed Eoin McMullan made a surge through the centre passing to McFall who took his point for Kilclief. Then Dundrum’s Lámhin pointed from a free.

After the second water break, Kilclief closed the score down with Eoin McMullan striking from a turn with an excellent kick from 45 yards and then Ruairi Sharvin took another point to add to the scoring.

Kilclief made a final flurry with an attack by Conaill McErlane, Callum Shields and Aidan McCann with McErlane pointing.

As the clock ticked, Dundrum made a last heave at the Kilclief goal to narrow the odds but were swamped by the the home side’s defence.

Kilclief’s Aidan McCann tracks Dundrum’s Baillie O’Connor.

Overall, Kilclief were the strongest team on the pitch showing good passing skills, defence, midfield and forwards working together and in general fitness. The Dundrum side never gave up, a credit to them for making the match so entertaining. But with a depletion of players, the visitors sided quite a young side which probably gave Kilclief that bit more of an edge.

Kilclief’s Eoin King is challenged by Baillie O’Connor.

Final score: Kilclief 0-17 Dundrum 0-7.


Kilclief GAC: 1-Conor Sloan, 2-Eoin Waterson, 3-Thomas Fitzsimons, 4-James Shields, 5-Eoin King, 6-Aidan McCann, 7-Tiernan Burns, 8-Louis McMullan, 9-Tiernan Burns, 10-Nathan Kelly, 11-Callum Shields, 12-Eoin McMullan, 13-Caelin Savage, 14-Ruairi Sharvin, 15-Fion McFall. Subs: 18-Matthew Rooney, 24-Ross O’Neill.

Dundrum GAC: 1-Ciaran Breathnach, 2-Dean Mac Thom, 3-Ruairi Mag Uiginn, 4-Conchubhar Miskelly, 5-Odhran Mac Fhibin, 6-Coran O Dugáin, 7-Paidraig O Gothraigh, 8-Tomas Mac Séain, 9-Neill Rogers, 10-Seán O Fhinin, 11-Michael Mag Reachtain, 12-Bailie O’Connor, 13-Sanctan O’Bron, 14-Kyle Mag Lámhin, 15-Oisin Mac Fhibin. Subs: 18-Joel Mac Fhibin, 22-Criostóir O hAogáin 25-Cormac Venney.