Kickboxing Champion Samantha Robb From Ballynahinch Enjoys Latest Wins In Ards

On 17 September at the Queens Hall, Newtownards, Prokick held its first Down event in 10 years. This event event featured Ballynahinch World kickboxing champion Samantha Robb with a wide rate of fighters through the day as young as six years old writes Ed Rainey.

World Kickboxing Champion (WKN) Samantha Robb fought a Polish fighter Dominika Rembelska and she won the day in a well earned fight earning herself another trophy.

Samantha Robb land a right jab.
Samantha Robb land a right jab.

Prior to the fight Samantha Robb said: “A week before the 17th I was anxious and nervous and not ready for this at all, but in the week I have had back at training with Billy Murray I feel confident again and am excited for the Queens Hall.”

Coach Billy Murray said: “Samantha Robb has to be one of the toughest girls coming out of Northern Ireland, I am very proud of her and very proud to be her coach, and this girl has a bright future ahead of her.”

Samantha Robb, World Kickboxing champion, won her bout in Ards last weekend.
Samantha Robb, World Kickboxing champion, won her bout in Ards last weekend.

Samantha having won nearly all of her fights is not just a fighter for kickboxing but also a fighter on the political front having studied Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University and is now working in the political ring with a Alliance MLA Naomi Long.

But Samanta’s aspirations stretch far beyond working with MLA Long as she has also started up business in the film industry and is looking forward to a career in the Real Documentaries section and has created several short pieces to date on local businesses in her own back yard in Down.

Samantha added: “I’ve a number of realistic goals but certainly will not be giving up fighting as a kick boxer unless I get to my highest point of achievement. But even after going on this long journey to the top in the kickboxing sport, I will still  continue with it for fitness purposes.

Bill Murray also added: “The benefits to your general health is incredible with kickboxing in both cardio vascular area and in the strengthening of bones and muscles. It is also effective for weight loss and, on the other hand, for weight gain. But it can bring on a powerful burst to the muscles and if this is added to various mass gain supplements, it can can cause great gain in muscle and vice versa. So diet and exercise need to be very controlled and supervised.”

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