Join The Talk On Scams At The Lakeside Inn

Event Thursday 7th March 2019

The Lakeside Inn

At 7.30pm

Taking a stand against scams.

Beware of scams – come to the Lakeside Inn evening talk on scams and learn how to avoid them.

Margaret Ferguson, proprietor of The Lakeside Inn has organised an evening at The Lakeside in to address the very current issue of scams.

She said: “I have organised an evening with Richard Gill Community Banker on the Ulster Bank to give us a presentation on Friends Against Scams. I thought this would be very beneficial to all my customers and I do hope for a reasonable attendance.

Scams affect the lives of millions of people across the UK. From a banking perspective, we are working to protect customers, friends, family and colleagues from fraud and scams. Anyone can fall victim of a scam – the impact on a victim can be huge, not only financially, but people who are scammed often experience shame and social isolation as a result. The aim of the free presentation (usually around 45 minutes plus the opportunity for group discussion) is to highlight the different ways criminals target people and communities, what they can do to protect themselves, so people feel empowered to protect themselves and others against being the next victim of a scam.

 “Richard will also talk briefly on some digital security tips for anyone who may use the internet.

 “As I intend to give attendees a light supper, £3 charge I would appreciate if you would confirm your attendance by email or by texting myself on 07789208859 for catering purposes.

 “Please try and support this community venture.”