Join the PLATO EBR Programme and Give Your Business a Boost

IS your business located within the East Border Region in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

[caption id="attachment_39325" align="alignright" width="350"]Rhonda McDowell, PLATO EBR Network Manager. Rhonda McDowell, PLATO EBR Network Manager.[/caption]

If so, have you considered the PLATO programme?  If you are an SME then you may well qualify. PLATO aims to strategically assist enterprises through networking them with bigger companies who have managed to get through the business growth stage and are now prospering.

The parent companies nominate a manager to facilitate the monthly group meetings. In this way, fledgling companies can come under their wing and prosper while learning in a safe environment about critical business decisions. Through this system, smaller growth oriented companies can eventually achieve their financial stability and sustainability.

Rhonda McDowel, PLATO EBR Network Manager said: “PLATO EBR can provide owner managers of SME’s with a number of key benefits to help them get moving forward. These include:

*  facilitated learning  *  specialist expertise and advice  *  networking opportunities  *  business development training  *  a unique partnetship with parent companies  •  access to new markets  *  including a support package valued at €2000 / £1600 approx.

“Starting up a business and running it can be a lonely place. You are expected to be an expert in many fields. PLATO helps bridge these gaps.

“The key point is that the SME’s will be matched up with larger businesses, their parent companies, who are industry leaders in their own sectors. They share their skills and expertise with the SME’s. They will assist the smaller company work through a dedicated improvement  plan with team support behind them.

“The membership is for a twelve month period and there is a small fee for joining the gramme to help cover EU match funding. If your company could benefit, just give me a call at the contacts below.”

In the programme you will also receive three mentoring and three training sessions, gain access to new markets and networks and share with other managers and businesses, attend key speaker events and participate in 12 monthly meetings.

PLATO programmes are also delivered in many countries across Europe such as England, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Finland, Poland, France and Serbia and also in New Zealand.

This could even be a useful route to accessing European markets.

PLATO EBR is part financed by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Cross Border Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. Rhonda McDowell – PLATO EBR Network Manager: