Jeremy Corbyn Faces Cameron At PMQ's In The Commons

Dear Jim,

westminsterre:  PMQ’s at The Commons.

Since Saturday evening, I have received an incredible 40,192 questions from people across our country to ask David Cameron at PMQs. If you were one of the people that sent me one – thank you. It is so exciting to be part of this extraordinary, democratic movement.

I put six of these questions to David Cameron this afternoon in Parliament.

Watch David Cameron answer your questions at: Prime Minister’s Question Time

I am so proud to have had the chance to stand up and put the experiences and questions of ordinary people directly to David Cameron. They need to be heard. We have shown there is a way to bring the people right into the heart of Westminster.

More than 2,500 of the questions I received were on housing, so the first two that I put to David Cameron this morning were from Marie and Steven:

“What does the government intend to do about the chronic lack of affordable housing and the extortionate rents some private landlords charge?” – Marie, Sudbury

“Have you thought about the impact on people with your housing policy of the 1% cut to rents. Our company will have to make major cuts with the loss of over 150 people by March next year and more to follow the following year. Which will also mean to our tenants less upgrading to properties and repairs.” – Stephen

Following the vote yesterday, we had over 1,000 questions on tax credits, so the next questions I asked were from Paul and Claire:

“Why is the government taking tax credits away from families? We need this money to survive and so our children don’t suffer. Paying rent and Council tax on a low income doesn’t leave you much, so tax credits play a vital role and more is needed to stop us needing to use food banks?” – Paul, Neston

“How is changing the thresholds of entitlement for tax credits going to help hard working families? I work part time and my husband works full time earning 25k, and we have 5 children. This decrease in tax credits will see our income plummet. How is this fair?” – Claire, Leigh

Finally, we had more than 950 questions submitted on mental health, so I ended by putting Gail and Angela’s questions forward:

“Do you think it is acceptable that mental mental health services in this country are on their knees?” – Gail

“Beds are unobtainable with the result that people suffering serious mental health crises are either left without adequate care or, alternatively, admitted to facilities hundreds of miles away from their homes, relatives and familiar support systems. The situation is simply unacceptable.” – Angela (mental health professional)

Thank you again to everyone who shared their questions with me. I promise that I am going to keep doing politics differently; and I hope you will continue on this journey with me.

Yours, Jeremy Corbyn. (Labour Leader.)]]>