James Savage Backs The NHS Workers In Their Covid-19 Battle

Killyleagh student nurse James Savage is now recovering from an attack of coronavirus. He is at present working at the Ringdufferin Nursing Home and is really enjoying the experience.

James, who has a keen interest in politics and a former member of the Youth Parliament, was struck down by the virus which is sweeping across the world. He has recovered and is now well again and back to work.

He said: “After recovering from coronavirus which was a terrible experience, I have returned to work in health care to help care for our vulnerable and ill at this difficult time.

“As a student mental health nurse, I know the pressures faced by our NHS and the private sector as nursing homes are now the new front line in the fight against this often deadly virus.

Lecale LOL makes a donation of PPE to the Ringdufferin Nursing Home. James Savage is pictured 4th left.

“I want to take the opportunity to praise all our key workers particularly those healthcare workers in the community and in the hospitals, who are making up the front line during this outbreak.

“I know from first-hand experience that they are both overwhelmed and undervalued. There are fantastic people working hard in all areas of healthcare across our country.

“We can and will overcome this virus and I have full confidence in our frontline workers in all areas. They will get us through this crisis. For them the health of patients often takes priority over their own and I see first-hand the dedication and care.”

James explained that his own family has experienced a loss during this crisis and said: “I will be forever grateful for the dedication of the staff in the Downe Hospital who cared for my grandmother until the end during these difficulty times.

James Savage.

“As we move forward it is important that we follow all the advice of the government even as we get past the worst of the outbreak. It is important to minimise the risk of a resurgence of the virus. We must remember to take these precautions and be ready to move forward after this virus is gone.

“Throughout my time involved in politics and youth work I have focused on education as my main issue as I believe that is particularly important in Northern Ireland that we educate our young people in order to promote learning and understanding of each other.

“I want to urge young people and their parents also to ensure that everyone is focusing on the school work and the revision they have been directed to do from home.

I have been pressing young people across my area to look at higher education and the other options they have after school. i’m not asking young people to go to University necessesarily, or to follow a vocational study… they need to make their own informed choices.

“As I continue to work in healthcare during this crisis, I want to once again appeal to people across the area and across the country to adhere to government guidance, stay safe and protect our most vulnerable and our healthcare staff, be they NHS or community care workers. their dedication continues to astonish us and shows their true value.”