Invest NI’s Regional Start Initiative Helps 1600 Business Get Started


The programme is focused on encouraging potential entrepreneurs to produce a business plan as one of the key early steps to starting a business and moving into self employment.

Agnes McKimm and Kathryn Burns from Bangor are among the 1600 entrepreneurs to have turned their business idea into reality. The mother and daughter team set up their dog grooming studio, Glitzy’s, in November 2013. Before launching this venture, Agnes and Kathryn took advantage of the business start-up support offered through the initiative, which included advice and expertise on business planning, financial forecasts and marketing.dn_screen

Kathryn said: “We both really enjoyed the programme and learnt a lot of information we were not aware of. The Regional Start Initiative was a great opportunity for us to gain more knowledge about how to run a business and get our business plan completed. This plan then enabled me to receive a grant from Invest NI of £1,000 to help start the business.”

The Jobs Fund also offers financial incentives of £1,000-£1,500 for individuals wishing to start a business, who are either resident in one of the 36 Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (NRA), or by young people currently Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

“We hope to achieve our goals and build on our business in the future to become very successful business women,” added Kathryn.

Bill Scott, Invest NI’s Executive Director of Regional Business, said: “The Regional Start Initiative is providing very important support for people looking to start their own business.

“Our aim is to raise the overall number and quality of business starts in Northern Ireland by providing innovative advisory and training support to individuals at the start-up stage.

“We hope to have 6500 business plans approved by October 2014. Whilst this is challenging, it is essential if we are to support the rebuilding of our economy and the creation of new jobs. Approving over 3000 business plans to date is an important milestone which will contribute towards achieving this objective.

“We will continue to work to support entrepreneurs to develop business plans and provide sound business planning advice that will ensure the best chance of success.

The initiative is delivered by Enterprise Northern Ireland and its network of regional delivery partners. People interested in setting up their own business and would like advice and support should call 0800 027 0639.