Independent Councillor Patrick Clarke Says Parts Of Drumnaquoile Road Are Unsafe

Independent Slieve Croob Councillor Patrick Clarke has described parts of the Drumnaquoile Road outside Castlewellan as “totally unsafe”.

He explained that he has examined the rural road which stretches for a number of miles following complaints about the extent of potholes in certain locations and has now urged Transport NI to carry out a full survey with remedial repairs.

Independent Councillor Patrick Clarke.
Independent Slieve Croob Councillor Patrick Clarke.

Councillor Clarke said: “I have received complaints about the appalling state of the current road condition on numerous parts of the Drumnaquoile Road which stretches a number of miles past various homes and farms.

“There are numerous potholes of various sizes which are very dangerous that make parts of the Drumnaquoile Road unsafe to drive or cycle.

“In particular can I draw to Transport NI’s attention to one example of the extremely poor road surface and various potholes between houses 99, 101 and 103 Drumnaquoile Road.

“The main concern is damage to vehicles and personal injury to cyclists which use the scenic Drumnaquoile Road.

“I would therefore urge Transport NI to examine the entire Drumnaquoile Road to assess the full extent of repairs needed in order to carry out urgent remedial repairs and address the numerous potholes stretching along parts of the road,”  added Councillor Patrick Clarke.