Howell Welcomes Review Of Recycling Centres

Castlewellan Sinn Féin Councillor Róisín Howell has welcomed news that Newry Mourne and Down District Council are carrying out a review of the Household Recycling Centres across the district.

Slieve Croob Councillor Roisin Howell pictured outside the Castlewellan Recycling Centre.

She said: “There are currently ten Household Recycling Centres across the whole of the NMD district with 25% of all household waste being disposed of at these sites.

“Whilst there are several items under review, two issues incorporated within the review are of particular interest to the amenity site in Castlewellan.

“These are, firstly, the opening hours of the centres, including arrangements for services over periods such as Christmas and Bank Holidays and secondly, communication with local residents.”

Slieve Croob DEA Councillor welcomed these specific parts of the review and added: “Over the Christmas holidays the Recycling Centre in Castlewellan had to be closed early due to the volume of waste being deposited at the site in a short period of time. This unfortunately was not communicated out to residents which was most frustrating for those who were looking to dispose of refuse appropriately.

“As the Recycling Centre in Castlewellan serves approximately 9,469 households within its catchment area, it a most vital service and any improvement to the service will be welcomed by Sinn Féin.”