Health Management Board Not Representative Says McGrath

South Down MLA Colin McGrath calls for improved representation on Health Management Board

South Down MLA Colin McGrath calls for improved representation on Health Management Board 

SDLP Health Spokesperson Colin McGrath MLA has written to the Health Minister to ask for a broad representation of health professions on the Department’s Management Board, which will oversee the rebuilding of HSC services. 

The South Down MLA said:  “I was concerned to learn that the representative of Allied Health Professionals, the third largest professional grouping in the health service, have not been included in the makeup of the Departmental Management Board.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath.

“Given the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Social Worker and Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, are rightly included to share their expertise, it is worrying that AHPs have been left out, given they represent a wide range of vital professions.

“These include radiography, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and many more. Indeed, these staff will be even more critical in the recovery period.” 

“I have written to the Health Minister and Permanent Secretary to ask if this can be rectified and I look forward to their response. In order for this Board to be effective, it must have as much input from frontline workers as possible.

“The voices of AHPs would add tremendous value to the important conversations and I hope the Health Minister will rethink this decision.” 

“I also made my view clear to Minister Swann that the Management Board must have clear and tangible outcomes and not become another talking shop.

“It must be informed by the experiences of frontline workers with the outcomes communicated to the public. It’s the very least they deserve,” added Mr McGrath.