Hazzard Meets NI Water Officials At Lough Island Reavy

Hazzard welcomes positive discussion with NI Water for improved access and biodiversity at Lough Island Reavy.

Hazzard welcomes positive discussion with NI Water for improved access and biodiversity at Lough Island Reavy.

Sinn Féin South Down MP Chris Hazzard has welcomed another positive outcome from a recent site meeting with NI Water regarding improving access for wheelchair users and young families with prams.

The South Down MP and Cllrs Cathy Mason and Leeanne McEvoy met with representatives from NIWater to further discuss the potential improvements to path facilities and the potential for rewilding the area.

Mr Hazzard said: “I welcomed positive discussion with NI Water around the potential path improvements at Lough Island Reavy to increase accessibility for the local population, especially focusing on disabled access.

Chris Hazzard MP with Cllr Cathy Mason and Leeanne McEvoy and NI Water officials at Lough Island Reavy.

“NI Water have agreed to write up a proposal of plans for the area, which will be the first step in initiating these improvement works. I look forward to hearing these proposals, which will ensure our local beauty spots are fully inclusive and provide for all members of the local community.

“I also welcome NI Water’s commitment to plan for an area of wildflowers at the site, considering the potential impact that wildflowers have in increasing biodiversity in our natural landscape.

“This opens up opportunities to engage with the local community through potential initiatives with the local primary school and GAA club and other community organisations.:

Mr Hazzard added: “NI Water’s education team are also prepared to liaise with the school and provide information about our waterways, which is a unique learning opportunity for local children.

“The impact that these works will have will reap benefits for generations to come, and Sinn Féin remain committed to ensuring the people of Kilcoo have full access to the beautiful site at Lough Island Reavy, all while improving the local ecosystem.”