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Hazzard Concerned at State of Strangford Road to Downpatrick
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SINN Féin MLA Chris Hazzard has called for a site meeting with Roads Service Representatives to discuss concerns over the condition of the main road between Downpatrick and Strangford.

Mr Hazzard said: “In recent weeks I have accompanied local Sinn Féin activists in carrying out an issue survey of Strangford village. A very large number of people all raised the same issue as being the one which most affected them on a daily basis – that is the persistent flooding of the main road to Downpatrick. This stretch of road, which includes Castleward Road, Strangford and Strangford Road, Downpatrick, regularly floods in times of heavy rainfall. The rainfall settles in various parts of the road and often creates both logistical difficulties for motorists and safety concern for local people.dn_screen

“This particular stretch of road has seen its fair share of fatalities over the years as a consequence of road traffic accidents. I want to ensure that are roads are safe and passable for drivers and pedestrians. I will be calling on the road service to carry out re-surfacing to stretches of the road and for them to ensure that gullies are regularly cleared and checked in times of poorer weather.”