Hazzard And NI Water Plan Lough Island Reavy Wildflowers

Hazzard secures wildflower planting at Lough Island Reavy

Hazzard secures wildflower planting at Lough Island Reavy

Sinn Féin’s Chris Hazzard MP has secured an agreement with NI Water to create a wildflower meadow at Lough Island Reavy in Kilcoo.

NI Water confirmed the finer details at a site meeting on Friday, confirming a total of 300 square metres has now been identified for wildflower planting.

Mr Hazzard said: “During recent discussions with NI Water about enhancing the community accessibility of the Lough Island Reavy site, I also proposed we should enhance the biodiversity of the site wherever possible.

South Down MP Chris Hazzard has secured the planting of a wildflower area at Lough Island Reavy with NI Water near KIlcoo.

“In agreement to this proposal, NI Water have completed a survey of the site and have identified 300 square metres which will now be transformed into a wildflower meadow.

“In addition, NI Water has agreed to work with the local community to map this initiative in Kilcoo through the all-Ireland Pollinator Project.

“This is a great opportunity for the local primary school, GAA club and wider community to become involved in the national campaign that aims to help bees, other pollinating insects and our wider biodiversity. 

“Over next few months NI Water will prepare the site for the local community to get involved in planting the wildflower meadow in early springtime.”